IBM Cloud Object Storage Open Trial Now Available

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We’re pleased to announce that our new Public Cloud Object Storage Standard Cross-Regional service is now available. Get started today with our Open Trial program and we’ll waive fees through December 31, 2016.

What you need to know about the IBM Cloud Object Storage S3 API (Open Trial)

Store and access your data with our resilient Standard Cross-Region Service for the U.S. geographic region. Get started today with our trial program, with fees waived through December 31, 2016. The service is open to all worldwide customers.

  • Order, access and manage via the SoftLayer customer portal
  • Create and manage buckets
  • Get credentials and endpoints for use with tools, applications, and gateways
  • Cross-region U.S. resiliency
  • S3 API support
  • Built-in security for data at rest

Today’s announcement of the Open Trial service gives customers the opportunity to harness the power of our new object storage technology without incurring any fees between the time of signup through December 31, 2016.

Learn more about our Standard Cross-Region Service

Take a look at our S3 API Open Trial documentation. The service is ideal for storing active data that requires frequent access and geographic resiliency with data durability across three regional data centers.

Your data is available through multiple endpoints across three geographic regions, helping ensure business continuity for use cases such as active content repositories, analytics, big data, and mission-critical data applications. Data can be accessed via our public and private network to meet your application needs.

Your data is safe, with built-in security for data at rest with our innovative SecureSlice technology that combines encryption, erasure coding, and data dispersal.

Cross region object storage

The service offers simplified capacity pricing with no separate fees for regional data centers within the cross-region zone. There are no separate charges for data replication across regions within a cross-region zone. Start with our Open Trial service and we will waive fees through December 31, 2016.

Standard Pricing for IBM Cloud Object Storage – S3 API with Standard Cross-Region

Get started today!

If you’re new to IBM Cloud, start here. If you’re a current SoftLayer customer, visit your Customer Control Panel, click on Order Storage, and select “Cloud Object Storage – S3 API (Open Trial).”

-Riz Amanuddin

IBM Cloud Object Storage Public Services-Offering Manager