cpanel نسخه 80 منتشر شد

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We are happy to announce that cPanel, LLC. has released cPanel & WHM Version 80 to the RELEASE tier! For this version, we have focused on speed and expanding the types of websites you can host on a cPanel server.

We want to especially thank those of you who have Send error reports to cPanel for analysis enabled, as you were critical in helping us reduce the install and update times. If you are interested in helping with these decisions in the future, make sure to participate in the cPanel Analytics program!

Take a look at highlights for this version on our release site, or check out the full release notes. Then, join us on Slack, Discord, or Reddit to talk about all the exciting improvements.

One-Click HTTPS Redirection of Websites

Version 80 brings a Force HTTPS Redirect toggle to cPanel’s Domains interface. When enabled, it automatically redirects website visitors to a secured version (HTTPS) when a valid SSL certificate is installed.

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cPanel API Tokens

We added the Manage API Tokens interface to cPanel allowing cPanel users to issue API tokens. Resellers and third-party developers can use these tokens to authenticate as the cPanel user and issue API calls.

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SpamBox for new cPanel accounts

We are adding an Enable SpamBox option in WHM’s Create a New Account interface, simplifying the process of preventing spam in users’ inboxes

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More Information

The cPanel Release site provides an overview of the latest features and updates cPanel & WHM has to offer, including highlights of previous versions of cPanel & WHM! Detailed information about all cPanel & WHM versions can be found in the Release Notes.

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