cPanel & WHM Version 72 Now in CURRENT!

cpanel whm version 72 now in current

We are happy to announce that cPanel, Inc. has released cPanel & WHM Version 72 to the CURRENT tier! The second 2018 release of cPanel & WHM, Version 72 includes a focus on improving backups, security, and application development. Take a look at the full release notes, then join us on SlackDiscord, or Reddit to discuss more! :wave:

Git Version Control

If you have been following along on our feature request site, you already know about our new feature, Git™ Version Control. We’re designing it to make hosting repositories as easy for developers as a “Hello World!” script. See the full depth of features and a feature introduction on our blog.

Improved Automation around Apache and PHP-FPM

With version 72 we adjusted PHP-FPM to use a graceful restart, preventing service interruptions. In Version 70 we added two options in Tweak Settings that help reduce the number of Apache restarts. Delayed Graceful Restarts and Deferred Reload Time will help keep high-capacity servers online.

More Information

Check out the cPanel Release site to see an overview of the latest features and updates cPanel & WHM has to offer! All of the details about all cPanel & WHM Version 72 features can be found in the Release Notes.

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