tlslite-ng version 0.7.3 and earlier, since commit d7b288316bca7bcdd082e6ccff5491e241305233 contains a CWE-354: Improper Validation of Integrity Check Value vulnerability in TLS implementation, tlslite/utils/ ct_check_cbc_mac_and_pad(); line “end_pos = data_len – 1 – mac.digest_size” that can result in an attacker manipulating the TLS ciphertext which will not be detected by receiving tlslite-ng. This attack appears to be exploitable via man in the middle on a network connection. This vulnerability appears to have been fixed after commit 3674815d1b0f7484454995e2737a352e0a6a93d8. (CVSS:0.0) (Last Update:2018-04-18)

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