A vulnerability has been identified in Cerberus DMS V4.0 (All versions), Cerberus DMS V4.1 (All versions), Cerberus DMS V4.2 (All versions), Cerberus DMS V5.0 (All versions < v5.0 QU1), Desigo CC Compact V4.0 (All versions), Desigo CC Compact V4.1 (All versions), Desigo CC Compact V4.2 (All versions), Desigo CC Compact V5.0 (All versions < V5.0 QU1), Desigo CC V4.0 (All versions), Desigo CC V4.1 (All versions), Desigo CC V4.2 (All versions), Desigo CC V5.0 (All versions < V5.0 QU1). The application deserialises untrusted data without sufficient validations, that could result in an arbitrary deserialization. This could allow an unauthenticated attacker to execute code in the affected system. The CCOM communication component used for Windows App / Click-Once and IE Web / XBAP client connectivity are affected by the vulnerability.

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