CVE-2023-30628 Kiwi TCMS

Kiwi TCMS is an open source test management system. In kiwitcms/Kiwi v12.2 and prior and kiwitcms/enterprise v12.2 and prior,
the `changelog.yml` workflow is vulnerable to command injection attacks because of using an untrusted `github.head_ref` field. The `github.head_ref` value is an attacker-controlled value. Assigning the value to `zzz”;echo${IFS}”hello”;#` can lead to command injection. Since the permission is not restricted, the attacker has a write-access to the repository. Commit 834c86dfd1b2492ccad7ebbfd6304bfec895fed2 of the kiwitcms/Kiwi repository and commit e39f7e156fdaf6fec09a15ea6f4e8fec8cdbf751 of the kiwitcms/enterprise repository contain a fix for this issue.

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